Sunday, February 10, 2013


Today, I'm so excited to find this obituary on my 3rd Great Grandmother's sister, Delia Washington, affectionately known as "Aunt Dutsey." I've been looking for this information for 10 years! Now I know when she died so I can get her death 3 years! LOL! The reason for the wait is privacy laws. Her death record has to be over 51 years old for it to be available to the public according.  At that time, I will acquire it from the Louisiana State Archives in Baton Rouge, La.

There is plenty of information on this little piece of paper that is PRICELESS!!!!!! The names BERTHA MOORE AND NANCY LAVIZZO are Aunt Dutsey's nieces. Based on previous research, I know these two women are the daughtersof Nancy Shields, Delia's sister!  Nancy Shields Moore was the oldest of 5 children and Delia was the youngest. In order of birth: Nancy, Martha Shields England, Fanny Shields Page (my 3x GGM), Gabriel Washington & Delia Washington.  Delia lived to be 91 years old. 

Secondly, Aunt Dutsey was buried at Waterproof Cemetery in WATERPROOF, LA. This town is located 3.5 hours (206 miles) away from New Orleans in Tensas Parish, just 30 miles north of Natchez, MS (where I always believed the Shields Line came from) and across the Mississippi River.

You have to ask yourself, why would this woman want to be buried 200 miles away? Probably because this must be the area where either A) she was born or B) her parents are buried there. These are only possibilities. I've spent years searching Natchez, but now I think I'm going to retrace my steps back through Tensas--a place I've overlooked many times over because I was so focused on Natchez!!!!!

Third, her father's name is listed as "Gabrial Washington."  I always thought his name was George, but now I know it's Gabriel, the same as his son.

I've been telling my family for years that Aunt Dutsey was the key to my research and now they will understand why! She has always been my link to where I wanted to go in the past.  I'm so excited now, I can't contain myself!!!!

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